Under Ground Hydrant - Moderate Limited


Under Ground Hydrant

  • BSI Kitemark certified
  • Body material made of grey cast iron to BS 1503-3
  • Material of spindle and threaded part of valves which engages with it is made of stainless steel to BS 10088-1
  • Material for the screwed outlet is made of high tensile brass to BS 12163:2011
  • Spindle sealings (two seals) is of the toroidal sealing ring (‘0’ ring) type and are capable of changing while the valve is under pressure and fully closed
  • A wiper ring is positioned above the spindle sealing’s to prevent the ingress of foreign matter
  • Each hydrant shot is blasted (inside and outside) to SA 2 1/2 std
  • All cast iron parts are thoroughly cleaned and painted


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