About - Moderate Limited

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver high quality engineering solutions & services that meets modern day requirements and expectations

Our Mission

To offer engineering solutions & services to meet the unique project’s scope, cost and timeline by application of modern-day technologically designed methodologies, tools and materials.

Our Core Values


Our deep ethics are Integrity and honesty

Safety & Health :

We are relentless in keeping professional teams safe from accidents, and we operate in a healthy work environment.

Excellence and quality:

We always provide excellent products or services, we have cultivated total quality management principles in our operations doing our work right the first time in order to meet and exceeds every clients’ expectations.

People Development :

We support the desire of our professionals to grow and improve continuously. We create an enabling environment both structured as well as on-the-job training, across the board in managerial, technical, operations and sales & marketing skills, matching training with mentorship and coaching. We aim at the successful development of our professionals in their career paths.


We build a diverse, all-inclusive, and collaborative work environment by brainstorming, openness, and teamwork. We are passionate about our services and we enjoy every opportunity to deliver solutions and value to our clients.


We create a positive, long-term relationships with our clients, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and our team members that are created by trust, respect, active listening and combine forces.


We deliver world-class technology designed products and utilize the latest tools and methodologies to deliver projects. We continually adopt the latest tested and researched application in mechanical engineering services.