DUO Twin Filter Half Face Mask - Moderate Limited


DUO Twin Filter Half Face Mask

DUO is a professional, durable & decontaminable piece ideal for handling dangerous chemical substances, toxic gas, solvents & dust and for spraying paint

DUO is suitable for use in chemical and pharmaceutical companies, in agriculture and in Ore Mining.

Must be in combination with its own snap-in cartridges series 2000


  • Materials
    • Half Face Blank: TPE
    • Head Strap: Elasticized Webbing
    • Nape Rest: Moulded Polyethylene
    • Exhalation Valve: Rubber
    • Snap-In Connectors: Shock & Solvent Resistant Plastic
  • Storage: Temperatures between -20 & +50°C with <80%
  • Weight: Approx. 90 g
  • Classification: EN 140:1998


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