Electrical Wiring

  1. Electric Fitting and Wiring design: AutoCAD
  2. Electrical Panel Labeling
  3. Electrical Appliance Installation: Air conditioners, Pool pump
  4. Electrical Service Panel installation
  5. Entertainment: Audio and Visual Wiring Installation


  1. Lighting Design and Installation (Interior and Exterior)
  2. Landscape Lighting Design, Installation, and Maintenance
  3. Artwork/Specialty-Focused Lighting and Accent Lighting
  4. Security Lighting
  5. Custom Office Lighting

Power Systems

  1. BackUp Power: Generators, Solar
  2. Protection & Control / Relay Installs & Retrofits

HVAC systems

  1. Installation
  2. Repair

Electrical Wiring

  1. Electric Fitting
  2. Service Turrets/ Feeder Pillars
  3. Switch Boards
  4. Electric Repair


  1. Interior Lighting : Lights replacement, chandelier
  2. Exterior lighting


  1. All electric fittings: Power outlets, lights
  2. Mains capacity
  3. Switch Boards


  1. Electric fittings
  2. General electrical equipment

AUTOCAD wiring schematic

Get professional wiring schematics for your construction projects from our licensed experts

Generator Installation

We provide standby generators for commercial buildings as well as for residential homes especially up-coming estates or upgrades. Portable generators for homes are also available. Servicing of the generators is up to us on a scheduled basis and 24hr support for commercial institutions.


Get your HVAC system installation for your construction project. We offer maintenance and repair of already pre-installed HVAC systems on request.